Lumo: light in Esperanto, language of universal integration.

Lumo | Leadership, Culture and Mobilization was born in 2013 to give life to the aspiration of its five partners: to contribute to bring light and warmth to individuals, groups and organizations, supporting them in achieving profound meaning and sustainable results.

We connect business language to subtlety for the human, consistently combining depth and lightness.

Fields of action

The impulse of culture and business development
The maximum expression, singularity and power of an organization
The awakening of the will and the bond that guarantee the life of decisions


  • “At the Ford Foundation, Greenpeace and iCS, working with Lumo partners has helped us see and reflect on deep institutional and staffing issues, appreciate what we have and join forces to go even better.”

    Ana Toni
    Board Chair at Greenpeace International and Executive Director at Climate and Society Institute - iCS
  • “Working with Lumo was the awakening of my individual path to the full development of my potential, contributing as a leader to a healthier organization and engaged in achieving the Company’s goals.”

    Nathalie Tessier
    Extrusion and Downstream Expansion Director | Alcoa Latin America
  • “We have been working at the Hospital with Lumo for over 5 years. In this period, they have gained not only an understanding of the culture and human relationships of the various teams as well as their trust. The high standards of values, principles and ethics of Lumo’s colleagues have thus enabled a real work of building relationships and a team that today performs better and brings satisfaction to our work with our people.”

    Dr. Miguel Cendoroglo Neto
    Director Superintendent HIAE at the Brazilian Israeli Beneficent Society Albert Einstein
  • “Lumo, in its various forms of action, leads us to the path of self-knowledge and awareness of our role in the world. As leaders, we learn about personal interaction and team management while preserving the value of diversity and building effective relationships for the development of each potential.”

    Lia Azevedo
    VP DHO, HR, Sustainability and Communication Grupo Boticário

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Light the flame that illuminates and heats the transformation

Light the flame that illuminates and heats the transformation