Principles of Action

Fields of Action


Principles of Action

Lumo supports the development and sustainable transformation of the organizations through design and facilitation of processes that expand the consciousness, strengthen the relations and mobilize for action:

We drew our inspiration from Anthroposophy to create and support organic development processes.

We believe that truly working together at our client’s service makes all the difference.

We pursue the construction of long term bonds with our clients, organizations or individuals, based on trust and commitment with the result.

Our programs and processes attempt to balance Instruction (Pedagogy) and Discovery (Andragogy) to maximize learning within the realms of thinking, feeling and willing.

Fields of Action

Leadership: the drive for culture and business development

Leadership Development: binding the leader’s development path and individual route to the strategy and culture of the organization.

Executive and C-Level Coaching: expanding the space for reflection and action with business language.

Coaching and Mentoring Networks: the organization building up its own support and learning power.

Culture: the utmost expression, uniqueness and strength of an organization.

Cultural Mapping and Transformation: understanding, consciously choosing and making happen the organization aspirations.

Organizational Development: walking through clear and organic paths to create and build the desired reality.

Construction and Internalization of Vision, Mission and Values: bringing to life the identity of the organization.

Collaboration between Areas and Stakeholders: forging trust-based relations and synergies that potentialize achievements and opportunities.

Change Management: bringing out and supporting the best from change.

Mobilization: the awakening of the will and commitment that sustain decisions.

Teambuilding: weaving the fabric of relationships to achieve common goals within a healthy environment

Learning Groups: creating safe and provocative spaces to learn together.

Development of Internal Consultants: facilitating the blossoming of individuals, groups and organizations.


Every organization should develop its potential, awakening the purpose and the will in a collective construction

This belief inspires our way of working. Lumo’s work consists of supporting individuals and groups to find and choose the paths to develop their potential, in accordance with the organization’s aimed goals. We understand that biographies, objectives and intents should be combined for the sake of the future of a healthy and fulfilling organizational life.

Anthroposophy concepts, developed in early XX century by the Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner and translated into the organizational context by Bernard Livegoed from NPI (Nederland Pedagogish Institut) in The Netherlands as of 1954, sustains our approach. In Brazil, one of the pioneers of this approach was the Swiss-born Daniel Burkhard, founder of ADIGO Consultores.

Any organizational change is based in a sound decision making process of– conscious, consistent and coherent. When it comes to work with groups, it is necessary to integrate and harmonize the three archetypal dimensions of the human being: Thinking, Feeling and Willing

We co-create with our clients, bearing in mind that to be a change protagonist the leader must become “owner” – or fully accountable – of the process. The consultant role is to bring his/her competences to support and facilitate, bring awareness to perspectives and choices and help to shed light on the paths that the group and its members may take to reach their desired end. In this context, workshops, structured meetings, individual and team coaching, group exercises and action learning activities may be intermingled for best results, that for us means achieving an expanded consciousness of each individual and of the group about their roles and responsibilities to undertake what they want, and support the development process throughout time.

Ultimately, this is our inspiration: From the Power of the I and of the We, encourage individuals, groups and organizations to live their purposes, keeping this flame alive.

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