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In 2013, ADIGO Consultores celebrated its 25th anniversary and Adigo Lumo was conceived as a working group focused on Leadership, Culture and Organizational Mobilization.

In 2016, when we reached our 3rd anniversary, we decided to make an important move towards our identity and assumed what is core and differentiate us: work with clients to light the flame that mobilizes the conscious will of individuals, groups and organizations and keep it flashing through.

Adigo Lumo becomes LUMO, then.

Lumo, that means light/ flame in Esperanto, an international and universal language.

We continue to share ADIGO Consultores’ legacy: its principles, archetypes and approaches live within ourselves and in our practices.

We keep on learning every day with ourselves and together with our clients because the world does not stop and new contexts ask for new ways of reflection and action. New business and social realities ask for freshness – to think each challenge as if it is there for the first time, with curiosity and flexibility without forgetting the experiences and learnings of the past.

Lumo proposes to be light but profound and dedicated to support our clients on keeping the flame on, the flame that leads the way and encourage transformation. This flame is part of represented in our new brand.

Lumo partners share the purpose of supporting and encouraging the development of individuals, groups and organizations to identify their own intentions and transform them in achievements with profound meaning to themselves and sustainable outcomes for their companies and institutions.

Our partners held top management positions (yes, we went through this) in national and multinational companies and bring a sound executive and consulting experience to Lumo developed through their executive experience in the organizational context.

We are enthralled for travelling, promoting connections, know other cultures and new angles. We are privileged to work among friends in an environment of mutual trust.

We believe that, in order to deal with changes, we need to follow a continuous path of self-development, constantly searching for our own mastering, what is coherent with what we preach.

We bring together the business perspective and language to the human subtlety. It is mandatory to “break the automatism”. Instigate. Dialogue. Sensitize, Inspire. Gather the power of each “I” to the collectivity of the “We”, to build confidence. Mobilize for action. Combine depth and professionalism with lightness and good mood. Why not?

In other words, we, from Lumo, intend to work together with our clients to light and keep burning the flame that awakens the will and the conscious action of those who build up the organization every day: its leaders, collaborators, you.

Lumo. Light the flame, touch to transform


Vera Oliveira

Vera Oliveira is an industrial engineer by UFRJ, with postgraduate studies and specializations in Marketing (ESPM-SP),Biography Counselling (ELEB, São Paulo, recognized by Goetheanum, Switzerland), Executive Coaching (Co-Active Coaching CTI, SECA International and Shadow Coaching, USA) and Mediation (Trigon, Germany). She developed her career in management consulting, working with cultural and strategic change, business process redesign and information technology. While a acting partner at PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC), she structured the Change Management practice in Brazil and held the Human Resources executive position. She has an extensive experience in executive coaching, leadership development and team engagement, always focusing on the humanization of organizational and cultural transformation processes. Founder member of EcoSocial Coaching Unit, member of the Association for Social Development (ASD) and of the International Coach Federation (ICF), Vera was partner of ADIGO Consultores for 20 years and is cofounder and partner of Lumo.

Selim Nigri

Selim Nigri is an industrial engineer and earned his degree at UFRJ. He holds specializations in Marketing, Theater, Biography Counselling (ELEB, São Paulo, recognized by Goetheanum, Switzerland), Art Therapy and Coaching (Co-Active Coaching, CTI, USA). With over 25 years of experience as a corporate consultant, Selim was partner at PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC), responsible for Human Resources and the Change Management practice in Brazil and partner of ADIGO Consultores for 17 years. He has led innumerous processes in organizational development, strategic planning, consultants training, executive coaching, team and leadership development. Member of the Association for Social Development (ASD), International Coach Federation (ICF), founder member and former president of EcoSocial, ex-coordinator of Programa Germinar (social leaders development) and cofounder and partner of Lumo.

João Luiz Souza

João Luiz Souza is a systems engineer and earned his degree at UERJ. He has a masters degree in Management Information Systems at Georgia College State University (USA). With more than 34 years of professional experience, he has worked in many different technology and organizational improvement projects in different business segments. He led main consultancy practices at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and at IBM Global Business Services, where he was the consultancy general manager for Latin America until 2006. Since then João has been working as an organizational development consultant and coach, and has completed his Biography Counselling training at Escola Livre de Estudos Biográficos (ELEB, Goetheanum, Suíça) and Coaching Training at EcoSocial and at CTI - The Coaches Training Institute (Co-Active Coaching, USA). Member of the Association for Social Development (ASD), and the International Coach Federation (ICF), João was partner of ADIGO Consultores for 8 years and is cofounder and partner of Lumo.

Silvia H. Magalhães

Silvia H Magalhães is a chemical engineer graduated by Universidade Federal do Ceará (UFC) with a MBA from University of Warwick, England. She holds specializations as Blackbelt in lean6sigma from Seta Desenvolvimento Gerencial, Brazil, as Coach in The Art and Science of Coaching from Erickson International, Canada, and as Biography Counseller from ELEB, São Paulo (recognized by Goetheanum, Switzerland). She has more than 20 years of professional experience in big national and multinational organizations, strategic consultancy and organizational development consultancy, working in several sectors such as Automotive, Finance, Consumer Goods and Healthcare in Brazil and Latin America. She has worked with strategic planning facilitation, change and project management, HR processes such as training and development and process optimization (Lean management). She was partner of ADIGO Consultores for 4 years and, as cofounder and partner of Lumo, acts in coaching and facilitation of culture change, leadership and high performance team development.

Paula Theophilo de Saboia

Paula Saboia is PCC/ICF (Professional Certified Coach by the International Coach Federation), Master in Education by USP and Bachelor in Communication by PUC-RJ. She has built her executive career with emphasis in brand, marketing and communication strategy, working always from a business and consulting perspective for top organizations and reaching the position of Head of Research and Planning at Talent. In 2002, as part of her career transition, Paula first got acquainted to ADIGO as a participant of its leadership program. In 2005, she joined EcoSocial, where for 8 years, she developed her practice as a coach and development consultant, on top of taking part of that Institute’s management committee. She improved her skills through education at LaMarsh&Associates | Managed Change© (Chicago, USA), Axialent Conscious Business, Instituto EcoSocial and CTI | Coaches Training Institute (California, USA), in addition to courses in art therapy, yoga and psychoanalysis. Her practice has a focus on the development of organizational identity, culture and leadership. Co-founder of Grupo de Planejamento (GP), of ICF São Paulo Chapter and Adigo Lumo, current Lumo, where she is a partner.