Lumo: light in Esperanto, the language of universal integration.

Lumo | Leadership, Culture and Mobilization was founded in 2013 to give life to the aspiration of its five consultants: to contribute in bringing light and warmth to individuals, groups and organizations, supporting them in achieving profound meaning and sustainable results.

We work together to relate the power of each “I” to the strength of “We”, in organizations and in society. It is vital to “break the automatism”. Instigate. Inspire. Dialogue. Extend awareness. Learn from diversity. Strengthen trust. Raise awareness and mobilize for action.

We connect business language to subtlety for the human, consistently combining depth and lightness.

We act based on Anthroposophy and Andragogy, honoring and renewing Adigo’s 30-year-old legacy — where we came from — an inheritance that remains alive in us and in our practice.

We want to keep on learning every day, together with our clients. We always want to think of every challenge as if we were facing it for the first time, with freshness, curiosity and flexibility, without compromising experience.

Sócios fundadores da Lumo com Daniel e Gudrun Burkhard

Lumo’s founding consultants with Daniel and Gudrun Burkhard, pioneers of Adigo and of the biographical impulse in Brazil

And as we turn five, we celebrate:

  • with a vibrant and meaningful work – over 20 clients who renewed their relationship with us, and the same number of new clients;
  • Lumo successful Development Program | Fulfilling Leadership, which reaches its fourth class in 2018;
  • the conception and beginning of the first class of the Specialization in Consulting, with 21 participants coming from Lumo, Adigo and Germinar Programs;
  • the design and conclusion of the first class of the Leadership Journey through Anthroposophy, in a partnership with ComViver and EcoSocial;
  • systematization and release of the Lumo Collection, following the spirit of the time, making available to the world the content generated by Lumo and the impulses that formed us (NPI and Adigo).

This is the way we want to continue building Lumo’s future: to share what we have learned, helping to illuminate paths and fuel the flame that mobilizes the will of those who make our organizations every day.

Lumo: Light the flame, touch to transform.

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